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1.- This website doesn't collect any extra information, because we don't need it. And no offense, but your personal life doesn't interest us. We use a single cookie of our own, which we use to remember the language you have chosen to view the website..


These are the cookies we use:

    • Cookies 'yestoall, publi, preferen, analytics': they are used so that this website remembers your preferences about cookies, and above all so that you do not suffer from the "cookie notice" that we are obliged to put under the GDPR law.
    • Cookie de Analytics '_ga': Used to know how many visits we have. It expires in two years.
    • Cookie de Analytics '_gat': It is used to know how many visits we have. It expires two days later.
    • Cookie de Analytics '_gid': used to control the rate of requests and, if there are too many requests, to limit the traffic. It expires after one minute.
    • Cookie de Analytics '__utma': Counts unique users, registers the first and last entry on the web. It expires in two years.
    • Cookie de Analytics '_utmb': Records when the website is accessed, to calculate the time the visitor remains on the website. It expires after 30 minutes.
    • Cookie de Analytics '_utmc': Formerly used to know if the user had spent 30 minutes, decide whether to continue the session or not. Currently used for compatibility with older websites. Expires when the browser is closed.
    • Cookie de Analytics '_utmt': Used to understand the type of user request, it expires when the session ends.
    • Cookie de Analytics '_utmv': it is used for statistics, so we can know which countries the visitors are from, their gender or age. Expires when the session ends.
    • Cookie de Analytics '_utmz': It is used to know how the user has accessed this website. It is good that you carry out an advertising campaign to attract visitors, to know if he does not. It expires after six months.


Valores actuales:

If you want to reset your cookie settings on this website, click here:

2.- The Italian server where we this web is hosted, saves data such as the IP and time of connection and perhaps the type of browser, because the law requires them..


3.- Ads inserted in this web are from Google AdSense and Google Analytics statistics, both of which use cookies and record data of different types anonymously, so we hung this blablabla, if anyone is interested:


     3.1 Legal text of Google AdSense and Google Analytics.




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